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Indikáció Szerző Bizonyítás Páciensek száma Terápia Év Növekvő rendezés
Modulated electrohyperthermia in locally advanced cervical cancer Results of an observational study of 95 patients Gynecology
  • Sun Young Lee
  • Dong Hyun Lee
  • Dong-Hyu Cho
95 CCRT + mEHT 2023
Meta-Analysis of Modulated Electro-Hyperthermia and Tumor Treating Fields in the Treatment of Glioblastomas Glioblastoma
  • Attila Marcell Szasz
  • Elisabeth Estefanía Arrojo Alvarez
  • Giammaria Fiorentini
  • Magdolna Herold
  • Zoltan Herold
  • Donatella Sarti
  • Magdolna Dank
450 mEHT + TTF 2022
Modulated electro-hyperthermia in stage III and IV pancreatic cancer: Results of an observational study on 158 patients Gastrointestinal
  • Giammaria Fiorentini
  • Donatella Sarti
  • Girolamo Ranieri
  • Cosmo Damiano Gadaleta
  • Caterina Fiorentini
  • Carlo Milandri
  • Andrea Mambrini
  • Stefano Guadagni
158 CRT+mEHT 2021
Clinical study of modulated electro‑hyperthermia for advanced metastatic breast cancer Breast Cancer
  • Takuya Nagata
  • Masahiko Kanamori
  • Shinichi Sekine
  • Mie Arai
  • Makoto Moriyama
  • Tsutomu Fujii
10 mEHT 2021
“Oncothermia” (Modulated electro-hyperthermia) ― Present status and future development ―
  • Masahiko Kanamori
  • Tsutomu Sato
  • Tomoko Shima
  • Jun-Ichi Saitoh
  • Gabor Andocs
  • Takashi Kondo
Review mEHT 2021
Modulated electro‑hyperthermia with weekly paclitaxel or cisplatin in patients with recurrent or persistent epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube or primary peritoneal carcinoma: The KGOG 3030 trial Gynecology
  • Kidong Kim
  • Jae‑Hoon Kim
  • Seung Cheol Kim
  • Yong Beom Kim
  • Byung‑Ho Nam
  • Jae Hong No
  • Hanbyoul Cho
  • Woong Ju
  • Dong Hoon Suh
  • Yun Hwan Kim
12 mEHT 2021
Marked local and distant response of heavily treated breast cancer with cardiac metastases treated by combined low dose radiotherapy, low dose immunotherapy and hyperthermia: a case report Breast Cancer
  • Mau-Shin Chi
  • Jen-Hong Wu
  • Suzun Shaw
  • Ching-Jung Wu
  • Liang-Kuang Chen
  • Ho-Chi Hsu
  • Kwan-Hwa Chi
Case report 1 CT+RT+mEHT 2021
Beneficial effects of modulated electro-hyperthermia during neoadjuvant treatment for locally advanced rectal cancer Rectal Cancer
  • Sunghyun Kim
  • Jun Hyeok Lee
  • Jihye Cha
  • Sei Hwan You
120 mEHT 2021
Evidence based tools to improve efficiency of currently administered oncotherapies for tumors of the hepatopancreatobiliary system
  • Herold Z.
  • Szasz A. M.
  • Dank M.
The first experience of application of remote radiotherapy in combination with hyperthermia (oncothermia) in the treatment of patients with primary gliomas of the brain of a high degree of malignancy Gliomas (advanced)
  • Solodkiy VA.
  • Panshin GA.
  • Izmailov TR.
  • Shevchenko TA.
20 RT+mEHT 2021
Modulated Electro-Hyperthermic (mEHT) Treatment in the Therapy of Inoperable Pancreatic Cancer Patients—A Single-Center Case-Control Study Gastrointestinal
  • Flora Greta Petenyi
  • Tamas Garay
  • Dorottya Muhl
  • Blanka Izso
  • Adam Karaszi
  • Erika Borbenyi
  • Magdolna Herold
  • Zoltan Herold
  • Attila Marcell Szasz
  • Magdolna Dan
78 mEHT 2021
A randomized phase II trial of best supportive care with or without hyperthermia and vitamin C for heavily pretreated, advanced, refractory non-small-cell lung cancer Lung cancer
  • Junwen Ou
  • Xinyu Zhu
  • Pengfei Chen
  • Yanping Du
  • Yimin Lu
  • Xiufan Peng
  • Shuang Bao
  • Junhua Wang
  • Xinting Zhang
  • Tao Zhang
  • Clifford L.K. Pang
Phase I. 97 IVC + mEHT + BSC 2020
Analysis of the effects of mEHT on the treatmentrelated toxicity and quality of life of HIV-positive cervical cancer patients Cervical cancer
  • Carrie Anne Minnaar
  • Jeffrey Allan Kotzen
  • Thanushree Naidoo
  • Mariza Tunmer
  • Vinay Sharma
  • Mboyo-Di-Tamba Vangu
  • Ans Baeyens
Phase III CRT+mEHT 2020
Feasibility of Modulated Electro-Hyperthermia in Preoperative Treatment for Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer: Early Phase 2 Clinical Results Rectal Cancer
  • S H You
  • S Kim
Phase I 60 mEHT 2020
Survival Outcomes of Metabolically Supported Chemotherapy Combined with Ketogenic Diet, Hyperthermia, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Advanced Gastric Cancer Gastric Cancer
  • MS Iyikesici
22 Chemotherapy, Ketogenic Diet, Hyperthermia, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 2020
Potentiation of the Abscopal Effect by Modulated Electro-Hyperthermia in Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer Patients Cervical cancer
  • Carrie Anne Minnaar
  • Jeffrey Allan Kotzen
  • Olusegun Akinwale Ayeni
  • Mboyo-Di-Tamba Vangu
  • Ans Baeyens
Phase III 108 mEHT 2020
Putative Abscopal Effect in Three Patients Treated by Combined Radiotherapy and Modulated Electrohyperthermia Multiple
  • Mau-Shin Chi, Minesh P. Mehta
  • Kai-Lin Yang
  • Hung-Chih Lai
  • Ying-Chu Lin
  • Hui-Ling Ko
  • Yu-Shan Wang
  • Kuang-Wen Liao
  • Kwan-Hwa Chi
33 RT+mEHT 2020
Suppression of Metastatic Melanoma Growth in Lung by Modulated Electro-Hyperthermia Monitored by a Minimally Invasive Heat Stress Testing Approach in Mice Lung cancer
  • Mbuotidem Jeremiah Thomas
  • Eniko Major
  • Anett Benedek
  • ldikó Horváth
  • Domokos Máthé
  • Ralf Bergmann
  • Attila Marcell Szász
  • Tibor Krenács
  • Zoltán Benyó
mEHT 2020
Feasibility study of metabolically supported chemotherapy with weekly carboplatin/paclitaxel combined with ketogenic diet, hyperthermia and hyperbaric oxygen therapy in metastatic nonsmall cell lung cancer Lung
  • Mehmet Salih Iyikesici
44 2019
Defining Characteristics of Nodal Disease on PET/CT Scans in Patients With HIV-Positive and-Negative Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer in South Africa Cervical cancer
  • Carrie Anne Minaar
  • Ans Baeyens
  • Olusegun Akinwale Ayeni
  • Jeffrey Allan Kotzen
  • Mboyo-Di-Tamba Vangu
Fluctuations hypothesize the new explanation of meridians in living systems Non-oncology
  • Szigeti Gy
  • Szasz A
Thermal and Nonthermal Effects of Radiofrequency on Living State and Applications as an Adjuvant with Radiation Therapy Non-oncology
  • Andras Szasz
Review 2019
Phase I/II clinical trial of modulated electrohyperthermia treatment in patients with relapsed, refractory or progressive heavily treated ovarian cancer Gynecology
  • Heon Jong Yoo
  • Myong Cheol Lim
  • Sang-Soo Seo
  • Sokbom Kang
  • Jungnam Joo
  • Sang-Yoon Park
Phase I/II 19 mEHT 2019
Integrative Therapeutic Options for Treating Stage Four Breast Cancer Breast Cancer
  • Magda Havas
Integrative Therapeutic Options 2019
The effect of modulated electro-hyperthermia on local disease control in HIV-positive and -negative cervical cancer women in South Africa: Early results from a phase III randomized controlled trial Cervical cancer
  • Carrie Anne Minnaar
  • Jeffrey Allan Kotzen
  • Olusegun Akinwale Ayeni
  • Thanushree Naidoo
  • Mariza Tunmer
  • Vinay Sharma
  • Mboyo-Di-Tamba Vangu
  • Ans Baeyens
Phase III 271 CT+mEHT 2019
Breaking Therapy Resistance: An Update on Oncolytic Newcastle Disease Virus for Improvements of Cancer Therapy Immuno-oncology
  • Volker Schirrmacher
  • Stefaan van Gool
  • Wilfried Stuecker
Long-Term Survival Outcomes of Metabolically Supported Chemotherapy with GemcitabineBased or FOLFIRINOX Regimen Combined with Ketogenic Diet, Hyperthermia, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer Pancreas
  • Mehmet Salih Iyikesici
25 2019
Modulated Electro-Hyperthermia as Palliative Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer: A Retrospective Observational Study on 106 Patients Pancreas
  • Giammaria Fiorentini
  • Donatella Sarti
  • Virginia Casadei
  • Carlo Milandri
  • Patrizia Dentico
  • Andrea Mambrini
  • Roberto Nani
  • Caterina Fiorentini
  • Stefano Guadagni
Review 106 CT+RT+mEHT 2019
Combined treatment with modulated electro-hyperthermia and an autophagy inhibitor effectively inhibit ovarian and cervical cancer growth Gynecology
  • Wookyeom Yang
  • Gwan Hee Han
  • Ha-Yeon Shin
  • Eun-Ju Lee
  • Hanbyoul Cho
  • Doo Byung Chay & Jae-Hoon Kim
Autophagy Inhibitor+mEHT 2018
The effect of modulated electro-hyperthermia on temperature and blood flow in human cervical carcinoma Temperature
  • Lee S-Y
  • Kim J-H
  • Han Y-H
  • Cho D-H
Phase I 20 mEHT 2018
The Induction of Immunogenic Cell Death (ICD) During Maintenance Chemotherapy and Subsequent Multimodal Immunotherapy for Glioblastoma (GBM) Gliomas (advanced)
  • Van Gool SW
  • Makalowski J
  • Feyen O
  • Prix L
  • Schirrmacher V
  • Stuecker W1
Retrospective study 115 IMT+mEHT 2018
Modulated electrohyperthermia in integrative cancer treatment for relapsed malignant glioblastoma and astrocytoma: Retrospective multicenter controlled study Gliomas (advanced)
  • Fiorentini G
  • Sarti D
  • Milandri C
  • Dentico P
  • Mambrini A
  • Fiorentini C
  • Mattioli G
  • Casadei
  • Guadagni S
Retrospective study 149 mEHT 2018
Comparing the Effectiveness of Pain Therapy (PT) and Modulated Electro-Hyperthermia (mEHT) Versus Pain Therapy Alone in Treating Patients With Painful Bony Metastases: an observational trial Non-oncology
  • Virginia Casade
  • Donatella Sarti
  • Carlo Milandri
  • Patrizia Dentico
  • Stefano Guadagni
  • Giammaria Fiorentini
19 PT + mEHT 2018
Nanoparticles and nanothermia for malignant brain tumors, a suggestion of treatment for further investigation Gliomas (advanced)
  • Prieto C
  • Linares I
TSL+mEHT 2018
Clinical and economic evaluation of modulated electrohyperthermia concurrent to dose-dense temozolomide 21/28 days regimen in the treatment of recurrent glioblastoma: a retrospective analysis of a 2-centre German cohort trial with systematic comparison Gliomas (advanced)
  • Roussakow S.
Retrospective study 168 CT+mEHT 2017
Newer application of oncothermia to non-malignant diseases such as Dupuytren’s contracture of the hand and chronic lower back pain lasting more than 4 weeks Non-oncology
  • Mate A
  • Molnar I
  • Szoke H
  • Hegyi G.
231 mEHT 2017
Rescue Therapy in Patient with Glioblastoma Multiforme Combining Chemotherapy, Hyperthermia, Phytotherapy Glioblastoma
  • Carlo Pastore
  • Massimo Fioranelli
  • Maria Grazia Roccia
Case report Chemotherapy, Hyperthermia, Phytotherapy 2017
Bevacizumab-Based Chemotherapy Combined with Regional Deep Capacitive Hyperthermia in Metastatic Cancer Patients: A Pilot Study Multiple
  • Ranieri G
  • Ferrari C
  • Di Palo A
23 CT+mEHT 2017
The safety and pharmacokinetics of high dose intravenous ascorbic acid synergy with modulated electrohyperthermia in Chinese patients with stage III-IV non-small cell lung cancer Lung
  • Ou J
  • Zhu X
  • Lu Y
  • Zhao C
  • Zhang H
  • Wang X
  • Gui X
  • Wang J
  • Zhang X
  • Zhang T
  • Pang C
Phase I 35 mEHT 2017
Efficacy of metabolically supported chemotherapy combined with ketogenic diet, hyperthermia, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy for stage IV triple-negative breast cancer Gynecology
  • Iyikesici MS
  • Slocum AK
  • Slocum A
Case report 1 CT+mEHT 2017
A new strategy of cancer immunotherapy combining hyperthermia/oncolytic virus pretreatment with specific autologous anti-tumor vaccination - a review Immuno-oncology
  • Schirrmacher V
  • Lorenzen D
  • Van Gool SW
  • Stuecker W
Review 206 IMT+mEHT 2017
Role of HIF-1α in response of tumors to a combination of hyperthermia and radiation in vivo Immuno-oncology
  • Kim W
  • Kim MS
  • Kim HJ
  • Lee E
  • Jeong JH
  • Park I
  • Jeong YK
  • Jang WI
Review RT+mEHT 2017
Treatment outcome analysis of chemotherapy combined with modulated electro-hyperthermia compared with chemotherapy alone for recurrent cervical cancer, following irradiation Gynecology
  • Sun Young Lee
  • Na Ri Lee
  • Dong Hyu Cho
20 CT+mEHT 2017
PD-1, PD-L1 and CTLA-4 in pregnancy-related e and in early-onset breast cancer: A comparative study
  • Ács B
  • Madaras L
  • Tőkés AM
  • Kovács AK
  • Kovács E
Comparative study 42 mEHT 2017
Oncothermia-Booster (Targeted Radiofrequency) Treatment – in Some Non-Oncological Diseases as Special Physiotherapy Non-oncology
  • Mate M
  • Molnar I
  • Petrovits G et al.
Review 155 mEHT+TCM 2017
Local modulated electro-hyperthermia in combination with traditional Chinese medicine vs. intraperitoneal chemoinfusion for treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis with malignant ascites: a phase II randomized trial
  • Pang CLK
  • Xinting Z
  • Zhen W
  • Junwen O
  • Yimin L
  • Roussakow R
Phase II 260 mEHT 2017
Retrospective observational Clinical Study on Relapsed Malignant Gliomas Treated with Electro-Hyperthermia Gliomas
  • Giammaria Fiorentini
  • Donatella Sarti
  • Carlo Milandr
  • Patrizia Dentico
  • Andrea Mambrini
  • Stefano Guadagni
24 mEHT 2017
Stage IV Wilms tumor treated by Korean medicine, hyperthermia and thymosin-α1: A case report Immuno-oncology
  • Donghyun Lee
  • Sung Su Kim
  • Shin Seong
  • Wonjun Cho
  • Hyejin Yu
Case report 1 CT+mEHT 2016
Positive response of a primary leiomyosarcoma of the breast following salvage hyperthermia and pazopanib Gynecology
  • Sun Young Lee
  • Na-Ri Lee
Case report 1 CT+mEHT 2016
Complete Response of Locally Advanced (stage III) Rectal Cancer to Metabolically Supported Chemoradiotherapy with Hyperthermia Rectal Cancer
  • Iyikesici MS.
  • Slocum A.
  • Turkmen E.
  • Akdemir O.
  • Slocum AK.
  • Berkarda FB.
1 2016
Effect of modulated electrohyperthermia on the pharmacokinetics of oral transmucosal fentanyl citrate in healthy volunteers Temperature
  • Lee SY
  • Kim M-G
Open-label study 12 mEHT 2016
Update on phase III randomized clinical trial investigating the effects of the addition of electro-hyperthermia to chemora-diotherapy for cervical cancer patients in South Africa Gynecology
  • C Minnaar
  • A Baeyens
  • J Kotzen
Phase III 100 CT+mEHT 2016
Results of oncothermia combined with operation, chemotherapy and radiation therapy for primary, recurrent and metastatic sarcoma Sarcoma
  • Tae Sig Jeung
  • Sun Young Ma
  • JiHoon Choi
  • Jeasang Yu
  • Su Yong Lee
  • Sangwook Lim
13 SRG+CT+mEHT 2015
The effect of modulated electro-hyperthermia on the pharmacokinetic properties of nefopam in healthy volunteers: A randomised, single-dose, crossover open-label study Temperature
  • Lee SY
  • Kim M-G
Open-label study 12 mEHT 2015
Conventional cancer treatment alone or with regional hyperthermia for pain relief in lung cancer: A case–control study Lung cancer
  • Yeon-PyoKim
  • YuriChoi
  • SunKim
  • Yoon-SungPark
  • In-JaeOh
  • Kyu-SikKim
  • Young-ChulKim
Case report 115 Conventional treatment, Hyperthermia 2015
Definitive radiotherapy with concurrent oncothermia for stage IIIB non‑small‑cell lung cancer: A case report Lung
  • Seung-Gu Yeo
Case report 1 RT+mEHT 2015
The Outcome of the Chemotherapy and Oncothermia for Far Advanced Adenocarcinoma of the Lung: Case reports of four patients Lung
  • Doo Yun Lee
  • Joon Seok Park
  • Hae Chul Jung
  • Eun Seol Byun
  • Seok Jin Haam
  • Sung Soo Lee
Case report 4 CT+mEHT 2015
Oncolytic Newcastle disease virus as a prospective anti-cancer therapy. A biologic agent with potential to break therapy resistance Immuno-oncology
  • Schirrmacher V
IMT+mEHT 2015
Synergy between Oncothermia and Traditional Chinese Medicine Non-oncology
  • Hegyi G
mEHT+TCM 2014
Current Status of Oncothermia Therapy for Lung Cancer Lung
  • Andras Szasz, Ph.D.
CT+RT+mEHT 2014
The results of combination of ifosfamid and locoregional hyperthermia (EHY 2000) in patients with advanced abdominal soft-tissue sarcoma after relapse of first line chemotherapy Sarcoma
  • Volovat C
  • Volovat SR
  • Scripcaru V
  • Miron L
  • Lupascu C
24 CT+mEHT 2014
Sorafenib and locoregional deep electro‑hyperthermia in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma: A phase II study Gastrointestinal
  • Gennaro Gadaleta-Caldarola
  • Stefania Infusino
  • Ida Galise
  • Girolamo Ranier
  • Gianluca Vinciarelli
  • Vito Fazio
  • Rosa Divella
  • Antonella Daniele
  • Gianfranco Filippelli
Phase II 21 CT+mEHT 2014
Long-term remission of prostate cancer with extensive bone metastases upon immuno- and virotherapy: A case report Prostate
  • Schirrmacher V
  • Bihari A-S
  • Stücker W
Case report 1 mEHT+OV therapy+DC 2014
Second-line chemotherapy with gemcitabine and oxaliplatin in combination with loco-regional hyperthermia (EHY-2000) in patients with refractory metastatic pancreatic cancer - preliminary results of a prospective trial Pancreas
  • Volovat C
  • Volovat SR
  • Scripcaru V
  • Miron L
Clinical study 26 CT+mEHT 2014
Long‑term remission of prostate cancer with extensive bone metastases upon immuno‑ and virotherapy: A case report Prostate
  • Volker Schirrmacher
  • Akos-Sigmund Bihari
  • Wilfried Stücker
  • Tobias Sprenger
Case report 1 SRG+CT+mEHT 2014
Oncothermia with chemotherapy in the patients with Small Cell Lung Cancer Lung
  • Doo Yun Lee
  • Seok Jin Haam
  • Tae Hoon Kim
  • Jae Yoon Lim
  • Eun Jung Kim
  • Na Young Kim
Phase I 31 CT+mEHT 2013
Hypoxia Immunity, Metabolism and Hyperthermia Immuno-oncology
  • Baronzio G
  • Kiselevsky M
  • Ballerini M
  • Cassuti V,
Review mEHT 2013
Lyme Disease and Oncothermia Lyme-disease
  • Zais O
Phase III 12 mEHT+Vitamins 2013
Oncothermia Application for Various Malignant Diseases Multiple
  • Youngsuk Lee
Retrospective study 277 CT+RT+mEHT 2013
Oncothermia in HIV positive and negative locally advanced cervical cancer patients in South Africa Gynecology
  • Carrie Strauss
  • Jeffrey Kotzen
  • Ans Baeyens
  • Irma Maré
Phase III 236 CT+RT+mEHT 2013
Treatment of advanced cervical cancer with complex chemoradio – hyperthermia Gynecology
  • Lajos Pesti
  • Zsófia Dankovics
  • Péter Lorencz
  • András Csejtei
Retrospective study 72 CT+mEHT 2013
Electrochemical Therapy of Tumors Hemangioma
  • Li Jing-Hong
  • Xin Yu Ling
ECT 2013
Androtherm application for the Peyronie's Disease Prostate
  • Ballerini M
  • Baronzio G F
  • Capito G
  • Szasz O
  • Cassutti V
30 mEHT 2013
Low back pain – complex approach of treatment by different CAM modalities (Acupuncture and other type of dry-needling, “Targeted RF non invasive physiotherapy” for low back pain). Non-oncology
  • Hegyi G
  • Jian Li
Phase I/II 2 861 mEHT 2013
Successful Treatment of Advanced Ovarian Cancer with Thermochemotherapy and Adjuvant Immune Therapy Gynecology
  • R. Kleef
  • S. Kekic
  • N. Ludwig
Case report 1 CT+mEHT 2012
Für und Wider des Prostata-Karzinom-Screenings Prostate
  • Douwes FR
Adjuvante Radiotherapie: Welcher Patient mit Prostatakarzinom profitiert? Prostate
  • Douwes FR
Successful Treatment of Solitary Bone Metastasis of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer with Bevacizumab and Hyperthermia Bone
  • Gábor Rubovszky
  • Tünde Nagy
  • Mária Gődény
  • András Szász
  • István Láng
Case report 1 CT+mEHT 2011
Neue Studie heizt Diskussion über den Wert von PSA-Tests an Prostate
  • Douwes FR
Oncothermia: Emerging Therapy in Oncology Multiple
  • Marwan Akasheh
Review 2010
Clinical study for advanced non-small-cell lung-cancer treated by oncothermia Lung
  • Dani A
  • Varkonyi A
  • Magyar T
  • Szasz A
Open-label study 258 CT+RT+mEHT 2009
Transcranial electro-hyperthermia combined with alkylating chemotherapy in patients with relapsed high-grade gliomas: phase I clinical results Gliomas (advanced)
  • Wismeth C
  • Dudel C
  • Pascher C
  • Ramm P
  • Pietsch T
  • Hirschmann
  • Reinert C
  • Proescholdt M
  • Rümmele P
  • Schuierer G
  • Bogdahn U
  • Hau P
Phase I 15 CT+mEHT 2009
Prostatakarzinom: Neue Aspekte für Diagnostik und Therapie Prostate
  • Douwes FR
Prospective phase II trial for recurrent high-grade malignant gliomas with capacitive coupled low radiofrequency (LRF) deep hyperthermia Gliomas (advanced)
  • Hager ED
  • Sahinbas H
  • Groenemeyer DH
  • Migeod F
Phase II 179 CT+RT+mEHT 2008
Sanfte Hilfen für die Prostata Prostate
  • Douwes FR
Clinical study for advanced pancreas cancer treated by oncothermia Pancreas
  • Dani A
  • Varkonyi A
  • Magyar T
  • Szasz A
Clinical study 99 CT+RT+mEHT 2008
Deep electro-hyperthermia (EHY) with or without thermo-active agents in patients with advanced hepatic cell carcinoma: phase II study Liver
  • Ferrari VD
  • De Ponti S
  • Valcamonico F
  • Amoroso V
  • Grisanti S
  • Rangoni G
  • Marpicati P
  • Vassalli L
  • Simoncini E
  • Marini G
Phase II 22 SRG+CT+mEHT 2007
Retrospective clinical study of adjuvant electro-hyperthermia treatment for advanced brain-gliomas Gliomas (advanced)
  • Sahinbas H
  • Groenemeyer DHW
  • Boecher E
  • Szasz A
Retrospective study 140 mEHT 2007
A Phase II Clinical Study on Relapsed Malignant Gliomas Treated with Electro-hyperthermia Gliomas (advanced)
  • Giammaria Fiorentini
  • Petros Giovanis
  • Susanna Rossi
  • Patrizia Dentico
  • Raffaele Paola
  • Gina Turrisi
  • Paolo Bernardeschi
Phase II 12 CT+RT+mEHT 2006
Glioblastoma multiforme Grad IV: Regionale Tiefenhyperthermie, Antiangiogenese mit Thalidomid, Hochdosis-Ascorbinsäureinfusionen und komplementäre Therapie Gliomas (advanced)
  • Hager ED
  • Birkenmeier J
Behandlung des fortgeschrittenen Pankreaskarzinoms mit regionaler Hyperthermie und einer Zytostase mit Mitomycin- C und 5-Fluorouracil/ Folinsäure Pancreas
  • Douwes F
  • Migeod F
  • Grote C
30 CT+mEHT 2006
Thermo-chemotherapy of the advanced pancreas carcinoma Pancreas
  • Douwes FR
18 CT+mEHT 2006
Malignes Melanom Stadium IV: Anwendung von regionaler Tiefenhyperthermie, Tamoxifen, Interferon-α und komplementären Therapien Melanoma
  • Hager ED
  • Birkenmeier J
Hyperthermia in combination with ACNU chemotherapy in the treatment of recurrent glioblastoma Gliomas (advanced)
  • Douwes F
  • Douwes O
  • Migeod F
  • Grote C
  • Bogovic J
19 SRG+CT+RT+mEHT 2006
Bestrahlung der Prostata erhöht Rektum-Ca-Risiko Prostate
  • Douwes FR
Rebell gegen den Krebs. Biologische Intersivtherapie – Neue Hoffnung für Patienten? Prostate
  • Maar K
Whole-body hyperthermia in combination with platinum containing drugs in patients with recurrent ovarian cancer Gynecology
  • Douwes F
  • BogoviC J
  • Douwes O et al.
21 CT+WBH 2004
Lebermetastasen bei kolorektalen Karzinomen Liver
  • Hager ED
Thermo-Chemotherapie des fortgeschrittenen Pankreaskarzinoms. Ergebnisseeiner klinischen Anwendungsstudie Pancreas
  • Douwes FR
Clinical study 30 CT+mEHT 2004
Whole body hyperthermia combined with carboplatin/paclitaxel in patients with ovarian carcinoma – Phase-II-study Gynecology
  • Strobl B
  • Rjosk D
  • Janni W, et al.
Phase II 9 CT+WBH 2004
Tolerability of external electro-hyperthermia in the treatment of solid tumors Toxicity
  • Cremona F
  • Pignata A
  • Izzo F
  • Ruffolo F
  • Delrio P
Whole-body hyperthermia in combination with platinum-containing drugs in patients with recurrent ovarian cancer
  • Friedrich Douwes
  • Juri Bogovic
  • Ortrun Douwes
  • Friedrich Migeod
  • Christoph Grote
21 CT+mEHT 2003
Malignus és benignus prosztatadaganatok hyperthermiája Prostate
  • Szasz A
252 mEHT 2003
The treatment of patients with high-grade malignant gliomas with RF-hyperthermia Gliomas (advanced)
  • Hager ED
  • Dziambor H
  • App EM
  • Popa C
  • Popa O
  • Hertlein M
36 CT+RT+mEHT 2003
Radiofrequency Transurethral Hyperthermia and complete Androgen Blockade. A Nonsurgical Approach to Treating Prostate Cancer Prostate
  • Douwes FR
  • Lieberman S
184 mEHT 2002
Transurethral hyperthermia in early stage prostate cancer Prostate
  • Douwes FR
34 mEHT 2001
Posttreatment Histology and Microcirculation Status of Osteogenic Sarcoma after a Neoadjuvant Chemo- and Radiotherapy in Combination with Local Electromagnetic Hyperthermia Bone
  • Bogovic J
  • Douwes F
  • Muravjov G
  • Istomin J
Retrospective study 62 CT+RT+mEHT 2001
Hoffnung bei Prostata-Beschwerden. Die neue Therapie ohne Messer Prostate
  • Douwes F
  • Sillner L
  • Köhnlechner M
Deep hyperthermia with radiofrequencies in patients with liver metastases from colorectal cancer Gastrointestinal
  • Hager ED
  • Dziambor H
  • Höhmann D
  • Gallenbeck D
  • Stephan M
  • Popa C.
Clinical study 80 CT+mEHT 1999
Complex therapy of the not in sano respectable carcinoma of the pancreas – a pilot study Pancreas
  • Hager ED
  • Süsse B
  • Popa C
  • Schritttwieser G
  • Heise A
  • Kleef R